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Clay Students Raising Money


I think it is a pretty cool idea when clay artists band together to raise funds in a learning community context. Matt Chenoweth posted a story recently about the 1st Annual Ceramics Guild ChiliFest where several Indiana State University clay artists contributed bowls and a cooperating restaurant furnished the chili. Customers pay a little more than they are accustomed for chili but walk away smiling because they also hold a unique, hand crafted bowl that probably would have cost them more if they had discovered it at a craft fair. The student organization walks away with much needed funds for their project, and the restaurant is generally thrilled to have offered their customers something beyond the day-to-day menu without a large capital outlay. Happy customers, happy restaurant, happy students…as I said at the beginning, pretty cool idea! The old learning community guy in me would tell you that the common focus of the student group to raise project money by exercising a reflective, skill process (from mud to a finished, sold product) is a pattern that will be life-long, valuable memory.

I’m not completely certain where the bowl-a-thon fund raising concept originated, but credit to Empty Bowls is a must mention. Salute to all!