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Garagio Planning


Garage + Studio = GaragioIf the space in our home  actually housed a vehicle in the last 15 years, I might feel guilty for commandeering the 240 square feet of concrete floor to create a clay studio. It isn’t original, but the concept of garage + studio = garagio certainly applies. It will do until the space is formally named.  I’m considering “The Budget” for a sign on the door.  With that in mind, I could legitimately tell someone on campus, “I’ll be home working on the  budget and won’t be (completely) untruthful…just kidding, of course.

The preliminary clean-out is done.  That means that a box full of contractor sized trash bags is just about empty and the city dump is a little less empty.  It also means that there is a POD sitting in my driveway with salvaged treasures that must find a new location once the project is complete. That is a whole different story.

It might sound shocking that this retired architect hasn’t drawn up every little detail for the garagio…that will come in time. For now, I am still relishing the thought of having a dedicated space and I am researching what others have done to optimize small spaces to accommodate the numerous functions associated with the creation of ceramic objects.  There are numerous steps and inter-related functions to a ceramic studio and the workflow diagram that I illustrate here is just my first draft…more detail will be added before it is complete.