Ceramic Musical Instruments


The internet is full of resources and information about ceramic musical instruments. The list below includes many that I refer to often:

Images of Ceramic Musical Instruments

Ceramic Musical Instrument Makers

Discussion Groups about Ceramic Musical Instruments

  • Yahoo Groups: Ceramic Musical Instruments – Discussion is moderated by Barry Hall. Be sure to check out the Gallery pages where group members post images of their instruments.
  • The Ocarina Network – There is a specific discussion area for Ocarina Makers where you may ask questions about instrument construction. This is an active site. Your questions will be answered quickly.

Web Sites

  • Burnt Earth – Barry Hall’s site that includes information about live performance and music on CD.
  • MusicalMud Studios – Mostly percussion instruments, but great images and information.
  • Clay-Wood-Winds Robin Hodgkinson’s web site with images of his amazingly creative Spirit Vessels.
  • Richard Baxter’s site includes information on the history of ceramic musical instruments as well as a large number of images of his personal work.
  • Susan Rawcliffe – maker of numerous ceramic musical instruments (including one featured on the cover of From Mud to Music)

Twitter Ceramic Musical Instrument People

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