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Your “Whistleblower” is Watching


Happy HornblowerThe modern day context of an employee reporting the wrong doings of an organization, (i.e. Whistleblowing) is reborn here. Whistleblowing crusaders rarely wear a mask or a visual identifier of their actions…being real people builds credibility more-so than anonymity.  However, it frequently means less than pleasant consequences for the individual.

But what if that elite fraternity of credible whistleblowers wore a mask. And what if the mask wasn’t a means to conceal the intent but instead to clearly identify the wearer’s intent to be a whistleblowerWell, here it is.

Let’s not get all practical and explain how silly this is. This mask is more of a narrative.  The person behind the mask has a covert view but displays an overt intent.  The cynics of the world might say that real life whistleblowers are more likely to have an overt view, but a covert intent.  For me, I see this as a piece that hangs on the wall greeting the owner with the message, “there is a Whistleblower watching you, you have been warned!”

The freshly formed Lizella Clay piece pictured here will fire to a terra cotta color in the first firing and will be highlighted with stains and glaze in a second, Cone 6 oxidation firing…available in early March 2014.


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