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Getting it in Gear


cupimaticThis is another test of the 3-D gears-on-tiles that I started a week or so ago. This time, I used old clock gears to make imprints into the tiles as a textured background for the project.  Hopefully, a little stain or wiped-off glaze in the imprints will add dimension to the piece.

When finished, this set will be mounted and framed 12″ x 12″ panel.  I’m still pondering if the mechanics implied by the gears should produce something that overflows the half-cup in the lower Left-hand quadrant..or, if light emitting from the cup might be a better effect.

The best news about this sort of project is it can be spread over several days of preparation and the actual construction completed in a relatively short span of time.  The 3-d gears begin as small bottle-top flanges that are cut from a larger lump of clay on the wheel (throwing off the hump).   That first part, the preparation, really does give new meaning to getting it in gear.

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