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Geeky Artist Activity


Most artists that I know are partially powered by a high level of curiosity and adventure (the rest are powered by caffeine *just kidding*).  Those powers inevitably show  up as some aspect of the creative work regardless of the media.  But how far into geekdom does that artistic energy run? This morning as I was adding Google Analytics to “M” is for MugPhlute and for the MugPhlute Etsy store, I asked myself if that sort of activity is something that most other artists even consider?  As an old experienced blogger, it used to be enough to add a SiteMeter to a blog or web site to measure visits, page views, etc.  Now, with Google Analytics, the level of sophistication for tracking traffic, ads and marketing efforts is almost beyond belief.  It is a lot to consider for an artist these days.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled mug of coffee *slurrrp*.

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