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New Pinch Pot Ball Ocarina in “C”


Pinch Pot Ball Whistle - OcarinaWithout the benefit of specialized workshops or classes on musical instrument construction, there is a lot of trial and error that goes into the learning process.  I would contend that the earliest Mezoamericans who began constructing flutes of clay would relate to the trial and error experiences of construction…compounded by the challenges of inconsistent clay and unpredictable firing techniques.  All that to say, with some additional reading and research on handbuilt ocarinas, I changed the approach to assembly of these pinch pot ball instruments to allow for last minute adjustments in the air way, tone hole, and fipple edge. The result is a much better quality in the instrument’s tone, tuning and perhaps better ergonomics.  Additionally, feet appear on all of the newest versions with the thought that table (or shelf) display will be the best way to present the finished products… I’m not crazy about the foot, but there are practical considerations that might avoid breakage from rolling off a display area.

This particular piece is approximately 8″ tall, plays in the key of “C” in the green ware state, and is constructed from Standard’s mid-fire, Brooklyn Red clay.

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