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A Place to Build Ceramic Musical Instruments


Studio ExpansionConstruction can be a fickle friend. Maintaining a focus on the final product and hanging on to one’s wallet seem to be conflicting concepts.

Progress at the house and studio are actually moving along well. The studio expansion is part of what we are calling our last remodel.  That remodel includes a serious facelift of siding, all new windows, a larger HVAC system, and an upgrade to the electrical service. All of that work also means an extended period of construction.  It also means that clay production work on new ceramic musical instruments will have to wait a little longer.

June is here and I am anxious to get my hands back in the mud.  My sketch pad will soon switch from studio accessory designs back to more fluid clay concepts.  I check out the flow diagram often just to make sure I don’t skip something basic.  After all of this work and waiting, I’ll not be a happy camper if I find myself needing adjust plans after the dust settles and the paint dries.

Stay tuned (no pun intended). Studio images will be coming soon.

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