Where did all the ‘fun’ mugs go?


Roy Overcast - Teaching at Mid-South CeramicsLast year while participating in a clay workshop with Roy Overcast I learned more about the history and construction of puzzle mugs and fuddling cups than I ever imagined. The history extends back when ceramicists over 1000 years ago produced statuary that included ocarina or flute-like functionality. All to say, that Dr. Bowen’s discovery of MugPhlutes should not surprise anyone…nor should my interest in adding whimsy to traditionally functional pots.

Purely by accident, I recently discovered an amazing artist who plays the Teacarina… a rather sophisticated cup that incorporates a four-hole ocarina. It is time to do some exploration of the four hole fingering system for ocarinas. There are some one-handed designs floating around in my head that may require the skills of a second hand, not to mention a few mystical stories from Dr. Bowen.

One Response to “Where did all the ‘fun’ mugs go?”

  1. I have a 4 and a 6 hole teacarina, they’re just awesome. I cannot even imagine, how is it possible to make a tea cup, which is a one octave musical instrument also, and perfectly in tune..