Un-Titled Ocarina


Pinch Pot Ocarina - June 2010I am not stressing over the idea that each of these musical instruments needs a title, but it is something that I am considering  more seriously after reading Allyson Stanfield’s post,  5 Reasons to Title Your Art .  Looking around at different online shops that sell ocarinas, there are few that do more than identify the key, the color, and perhaps the shape…and that may be enough for someone looking for a utilitarian device.   For someone seeking a conversation starter or a pedestal piece, I believe bestowing a title to each instrument will deepen the interest level.

About a year and a half ago, Terry Holiday on the MyCreativityBlog posted an article, “Giving Your Artwork a Creative Title“.  Terry’s suggestion for brainstorming ideas are noteworthy.  I particularly appreciate the idea of including place, emotion, and color into a creative naming convention.

As I work through the processes to get these things beyond a fragile greenware state, the mental exercise of generating titles must be tempered with an old adage , “Don’t get attached to your pots until they are out of the kiln.”  For ocarinas, I’ll go with, “Don’t title your toots until they’re toast.”

2 Responses to “Un-Titled Ocarina”

  1. Paul: All the more reason to give yours titles! To distinguish them from others. They look like people to me, so I’d be tempted to name them after people. But I know you’ll do what feels right. They’re wonderful! I look forward to hearing what happens.